Face Lift

 Face Lift

What is a facelift?

A facelift is the ultimate treatment for the ageing face. As a person ages the elasticity and suspensory ligaments of the face become lax. This is visible in the upper face with a lowered brow and increased hooding of the upper eyelid, in the mid-face with loss of volume through the cheek and in the lower face with jowls and lines around the mouth. The neck can also tend to sag and jowl.  


Face and Neck lifting is referred to medically as a Rhytidectomy and involves the surgical lifting and re-stitching of the forehead, mid facial area or neck.


The surgical procedure involves the surgeon making incisions behind the hairline and around and behind the ears. The loose connective tissue underneath the skin is re-located back to its youthful position and secured in this position with sutures. Excess skin is removed and the sutures are closed. This procedure can be teamed with other Anti-Aging Procedures such as the use of injectable fillers, upper and or lower Eyelid Surgery and rhinoplasty.


Today many patients are using earlier and earlier what is frequently called "The Liquid Face Lift" - anti-aging injections and dermal fillers to stave off the need for full face lifts later in life. 



If you are considering a face lift please contact us for further information on pricing and procedural information.  Or to book a consultation today with Dr Daood call 1300 656 236. 

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